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The sanctuary of the First United Church of Christ

We are the First United Church of Christ

Constantly discerning our understanding of the Bible

A small UCC church in Ohio that provides traditional worship with progressive views. We often ask if the understanding that's been taught as the 'gospel truth' is truly that or, What if it's something more. We seek to understand the bible in the way it was meant to be understood by addressing the original languages and the intention and historical context, and then how we can apply these lessons in our day to day living in order to build our relationship with Jesus.

Our services are livestreamed on Facebook at 10AM EST and will be posted to our blog as well on Mondays.

Blog posts for an in depth look at various topics will be posted weekly.

You can join us in person at 8:45 for Adult Sunday School and at 10AM for our church service. You can find us at:

201 Fair Ave NW

New Philadelphia, Ohio

We accept online donations here.

If you have any questions please see our contact page!

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